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The Immortal Champion
A Symbol of Hope
(Gallery of Champions Ltd)


Find your life Be a Thoroughbred

Sitting in bed watching Seabiscuit, starring Tobey Maguire, is hardly the back side of the desert for a burning bush epiphany, but it was for me. For two hours and twenty-one minutes, I wept. When the movie ended my eyes were swollen shut because the epiphany had opened them. I was inspired to preach a sermon titled, “The Finish Line Is…”

Seabiscuit became “An American Legend.” It happened because of his unconquerable spirit that kept telling him, “Never give up even when all the odds are against you.” However, he did not and could not have achieved this without an awesome team. The final victory for Seabiscuit was the Santa Anita Handicap on March 2, 1940. I call it the “It can’t be done.” race because Seabiscuit had suffered a career ending leg injury and he was just too old for a comeback. But Seabiscuit did it anyway, with all the odds against him. His final victory was his most glorious victory. It was his spirit that made it happen.

The “It can’t be done.” victory for Canaan Bible School is to get 10,000 copies of Rapture Readiness Requirement into the hands of the bride of Christ before time runs out. This means 10,000 lives changed for eternity, 10,000 less souls enter tribulation, and 10,000 people we will meet in the air. Even with all the odds against us, we will win this race because we have Seabiscuit’s… SPIRIT!

For this exciting victory the school is looking for our future certified teachers who will make up our awesome team we call, The Thoroughbreds. To become a Thoroughbred all you have to do is become a certified teacher.

The teacher who has enrolled the most teachers through the year receives the most prestigious and highest award the school grants: The Seabiscuit Award.

The one who recruits the most recruits for the school year is awarded the highly esteemed designation of The Thoroughbred of the Year.