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The Santa Anita Handicap

March 2, 1940
Seabiscuit and Red Pollard Up
(Gallery of Champions Ltd)
The Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation promotes the cultural legacy of Ridgewood Ranch, home and final resting place of the legendary racehorse Seabiscuit, through historic preservation and environmental conservation. Visit to become a member.


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Ready or Not!


The great tragedy of 9/11 was it did not have to happen.  Unpreparedness was the reason it did.  Unpreparedness is the reason WHY all Christians will not go in the rapture!  All the unrepentant will not.  Only the prepared Christians will.  Before you can blink your eyes and sooner than you think, Jesus will remove a remnant of Christians from the earth.  The Bible teaches remnant which in turn teaches us that only a few out of many will meet the Lord in the air.


The great tragedy of the rapture is all who miss it will have to experience a worse than death fate in the tribulation.  To confess Christ as Savior during the tribulation carries the sentence of a martyr’s torturous death.  Beheading is just one of the many choices of execution.  The current barbaric atrocities in the news are a preview of what’s ahead.  All the people you care about should get a copy of this letter.  Yes, you may copy it but please send it only to people who know you.  People who know you will receive it with more confidence and take it more seriously as they should.         


The people of America did not have to witness the unexpected horror in 2001.  People throughout the world should not have to witness the horrific fact that their loved ones are gone but they are left behind.  This does not have to happen! And it won’t IF the truth of the approaching rapture and preparing for it is faced.


Canaan Bible School offers a pre-rapture self-examination study.  Surely you can understand why I urge you and all you can encourage to follow your lead to take the course Ready or Not!.  You will have the reward of peace in knowing YOU ARE READY.  Email for an enrollment application.


Revelation 1:3b “the time is at hand.” Ready or Not!





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