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Rapture Readiness Requirement is like a severe weather warning alerting us to expect hurricane force winds with flood stage water to ten feet. The warning is sounding the alarm to prepare. These life threatening conditions are coming whether we are ready or not. Those who believe
the warning will go into an emergency mode of getting ready to survive. Life as usual is forgotten.

Revelation 2-3 is a prophetic severe warning alerting us of the coming perilous events of which the rapture of the true church, the bride of Christ, is first, followed by the unparalleled destruction during the Tribulation. Revelation 6-19 graphically describes what will happen. As surely as hurricane Katrina wiped out parts of the Gulf Coast, so God will wipe out this world.

Jesus sets the rules to repent and to overcome seven specific sins He clearly identifies in Revelation 2-3. You and I would be the fool of fools to listen to anyone else on the matter of being rapture ready. Obeying His rules is what changes the heart of the believer to the heart of the bride. Only the bride is “caught up.” The rules and requirements are nonnegotiable.

When the Titanic struck the iceberg in the night, what was irrelevant was…the next morning’s breakfast menu. What was relevant was…the lifeboat. As with the Titanic, so with the rapture, some will be rescued while others will not. Rapture Readiness Requirement is your lifeboat!

This book is head and shoulders above other books written on this subject in that if offers you a pre-rapture self-examination that reveals whether you are ready or not and if not, why. The majority of Christians will miss the rapture simply because they did not prepare for it.

Rapture Readiness Requirement is relevant teaching that is to the point concerning this relevant hour. It’s either sudden disappearance in the Rapture or sudden destruction in the Tribulation. So, please read it and share this truth with those you care about.

Note : Seven postcards and business cards no longer come with the book.