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The Santa Anita Handicap

March 2, 1940
Seabiscuit and Red Pollard Up
(Gallery of Champions Ltd)
The Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation promotes the cultural legacy of Ridgewood Ranch, home and final resting place of the legendary racehorse Seabiscuit, through historic preservation and environmental conservation. Visit to become a member.


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Ready or Not!

  The great tragedy of 9/11 was it did not have to happen.  Unpreparedness was the reason it did.  Unpreparedness is the reason WHY all Christians will not go in the rapture!  All the unrepentant will not.  Only the prepared Christians will. ... (more...)

Passover Lesson

My Passover Lesson The Feast of Passover has just concluded for 2014. Christians would be wise to watch the film, The Passion of the Christ, each year on Good Friday, Crucifixion Day, because it would help them not forget Calvary’s benefits. ... (more...)